Diabetes Free by Dr. Pearson — Is it real? Read our review

Many of you may have come across a product called Diabetes Free, written by MD David Pearson.

You might even have seen their video over at Diabetesfree. After I bought the product myself, I figured I’d do a quick write-up on my impressions of the program, to hopefully help my readers make a qualified decision whether this is the right product for them or not.

Will it work for you?

Any product with such bold claims may (and should) cause some form of skepticism in you — that’s natural.

That’s probably how how you found this website — a lot of our readers have found this site by searching for the program at the Google. That’s how I first found this program myself.

In this article we’ll take a deep dive into the program, to see what it is, and more importantly: does it work?

What is Diabetesfree.org? … and who is Dr. Pearson?

Despite the sort of “salesy” video over at their website, this is a well researched product based on scientific research by Dr. David Pearson.


I guess videos like these, with bold claims, bells and whistles are needed when selling products online today. It makes the product come off as a bit cheap — and I think this product deserves a better video, being an actual medical cure — but I’m no marketer.

After the video, you’re taken to a sales-page where you fill in some quick payment information, and you will get instant access straight after.

A lot of people — including me — don’t like to fill in the credit card information online. I used PayPal, which is a secure payment provider, but it shouldn’t matter. The transactions go through secure encrypted connection, and you’re credit card information isn’t stored anywhere. It’s as safe as using your payment card at the local grocery store — probably safer.

What do you get if you buy the program?

Diabetes Free is a downloadable eBook. After you’ve checked out, you’ll get instant access to the material. You can read the book at your computer, print it, put it on your iPad/tablet or on your phone.

The books thoroughly explains certain dietary and exercise techniques you can use to relieve your diabetes symptoms, and for many people cure diabetes.


What’s the science behind DiabetesFree?

One of the key concepts in Diabetes Free, is to eliminate/reduce gluten from your diet. In fact, many diabetics have been able to cure their diabetes by reducing gluten, or living gluten-free lives, as it in turn leads to reduction in blood sugar levels.

The diet does recommend certain lifestyle changes in addition to gluten reduction. You might also find the fat diminisher diet by wes virgin or the 3 week (21 day) diet, interesting!

Unfortunately, I can’t get too much into the techniques and tips from the program, as it’s all copyrighted material. I would love to share the book here, as it’s helped me and other people I know.

Pros and cons — and a brief summary

Where can you buy the program

The program is available for download at the official website (click here).

If you decide to buy the program, note that you have a 60 days — no questions asked — 100% refund guarantee. This means that if you’re not happy with the material, if the timing is wrong, or it somehow didn’t live up to your expectations … you can easily get a refund by filling out a simple form. This guarantee if backed by the payment processor — Click Sales inc. — so there is no risk.